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With WidSets you can get your favorite web content straight to your mobile phone. Find news and information, stay in touch with email and blogs, play games, share pictures and more. WidSets uses mini-applications called widgets to push updates from your favorite sites directly to your phone. Why waste time surfing for information when WidSets can do it for you?

What is WidSets?

WidSets is a simple service that brings you, information normally accessed via the Internet, by sending it directly to your mobile phone. Using mini-applications called widgets; it sends you the latest updates to your favorite websites. The system uses RSS feeds to push information from these websites directly to your mobile phone as soon as they're updated. Just install WidSets on your phone, select the widgets that interest you and start using it. As soon as one of the websites you've chosen is updated (e.g. a news service, blog or weather forecast site), the widget for that website sends you an alert.

What are widgets?

Widgets help you easily access information as soon as it's available on the Internet. Widgets use RSS feeds which 'push' information to your phone in the form of short descriptive links. You can then either read the brief description or download all of the content. New widgets are constantly being developed. Get news updates, know as soon as someone posts a comment on your blog, stay up to date on traffic, weather and the latest gossip, play games, chat, interact with your Web communities and much more.

What is an RSS feed?

Websites that constantly update their information, such as news wires, use a service that generates a special 'feed' containing just the headlines. You need a 'client' in order to receive this RSS feed. WidSets is a client. You tell WidSets which RSS feeds (we call them widgets) you are interested in and WidSets tells you when they've been updated. Instead of wading through all those newsletters or websites, just open your WidSets client and scan the headlines from your widgets. If something catches your attention, click on the link and the full story will be displayed.

WidSets vs. widgets

WidSets is the service you access via www.widsets.com and use on your mobile phone. Widgets are the little boxes - or mini-applications – inside WidSets that get information for you from the Internet.

Main features of WidSets

  • Use widgets on your mobile phone:Use WidSets to access your favorite RSS feeds, blogs, news or information – both text and images. Or just play games and have fun.
  • Browse the WidSets Library:Discover the vast collection of widgets available in the WidSets Library.
  • Create and personalize widgets: Create, design, personalize and tweak your widgets to suit your style and mood. Then publish them in the Library.
  • Bookmark links right from your mobile phone:Use the Bookmark feature to create a link to the pages you've browsed with a widget. Use it later to find the website again. Use the 'WidSets users' channel to subscribe to and follow other users' bookmarks. Bookmarks saved to your public channel can be accessed by other users.

What does a phone need in order for WidSets to work?

You'll need Internet access and a mobile phone that supports Java MIDP 2.0. If you are not familiar with Java MIDP 2.0, check your phone's user manual and/or the manufacturer's website. You will need to ensure that your mobile phone can connect to the Internet, which usually requires a data subscription. If your phone does not provide Internet access, contact your network operator for assistance.

Developing Widgets

Developing widgets requires learning a Java-like, strongly typed, proprietary scripting/programming language. The reason lies behind the fact that the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) does not support dynamic classloading. Therefore when one MIDP application is running Java does not allow to load new classes and all functionality needs to reside inside a JAR file.

The compiled WidSets Scripting Language (WSL) code will be packed down to smaller size than the same amount of Java code. WidSets widgets therefore consume less storage space in the phone memory. Smaller bytesize means less data traffic when the code is being transferred to a mobile phone

WidSets servers take care of content being modified to fit the mobile usage on the client side. One of the most attractive features of WidSets is that Images can be scaled down and image format can be converted to work separately on each different device model. Servers automatically feed content and notify the mobile client. Server updates the content at widget when there is new data available.

How to install WidSets?

WidSets can be installed either to a memory card or your mobile phone's memory. There are three different ways to run WidSets on your mobile. Here are the alternatives

Download WidSets from widsets.com

  • Create a user account (username and password) and then enter your mobile phone number. You'll receive an SMS containing a link to the WidSets download page.
  • Select the link in the text message and your mobile phone's Web browser will open the WidSets download page.
  • Install WidSets - follow the instructions on your mobile phone.
  • You're ready to start using WidSets!

Download from your mobile browser

Transfer downloaded files from your PC to your mobile phone

  • Download the WidSets installation files (JAD and JAR) to your PC by going to widsets.mobi. The JAD file can be downloaded directly, but you'll also find a JAR download link when you open the JAD file. After download, transfer the files to your phone and install the application.
  • If you installed WidSets from widsets.mobi register to the service. Start the client on your mobile phone and select 'Register' from the 'Options' menu.

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