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Archived:Heap memory variation in S60 1st Edition devices (Known Issue)

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Devices(s): Nokia 3600
Platform(s): S60 1st Edition
S60 1st Edition
Created: User:Technical writer 1 (17 Feb 2004)
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There is a significant difference in heap memory amounts between the Nokia 3600 and other S60 1st Edition devices. Generally there is about 2.0 megabytes of heap in these devices, but in the Nokia 3600 there is only 1.6 megabytes.


Some Java games are not working on the Nokia 3600 although they are working fine on the Nokia 3650. It was identified that there is less memory available for applications in the Nokia 3600 (~1.6MB) compared to the Nokia 3650 (~2MB). This is considered to be an exception.

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