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* [[Archived:WidSets Client]]
* [[Archived:WidSets Client]]
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* [[Archived:WidSets Scripting Language]]
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* [[Archived:Widget examples in WidSets]]
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** [[Archived:Hello World in WidSets]]
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[edit] About this widget

This is a basic Hello World demo widget.

[edit] WidSets Scripting Language code: hello_world.he

class hello_world
  //It is recommended to store command ids to static constants
  const int CMD_BACK = 1;
  //MenuItems are displayed over phone's softkeys
  //Usually to go back, ok, open options menu etc
  MenuItem BACK = new MenuItem(CMD_BACK, "Back");

  //WidSets framework calls createElement() per
  //each script-element it finds from views being
  //created by createView()
  Component createElement(String viewName,
                         String elementName,
                         Style style,
                         Object context)
    //return simple label with style defined in widget.xml,
    //in this case "text"
    if (elementName.equals("hello")) {
      //to get the label aligned in the middle of the
      //view you need to contain it inside a Flow which
      //you then return here
      return new Label(style, "Hello World");
    return null;

  void startWidget()
    //instantiate minimized view in startup
    setMinimizedView(createView("viewMini", getStyle("bg")));

  Shell openWidget()
    //instantiate maximized view when user opens this widget
    Flow view = createView("viewMaxi", getStyle("bg"));
    return new Shell(view);

  MenuItem getSoftKey(Shell shell, Component focused, int key)
    //return the key to be displayed at position=SOFTKEY_BACK
    //this is usually the right softkey, for other key
    //positions return null

    if (key == SOFTKEY_BACK) {
      return BACK;
    return null;
  void actionPerformed(Shell shell, Component source, int action)
    //when CMD_BACK event comes in, pop the current shell (this widget)
    if (action == CMD_BACK) {

[edit] Widget.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<widget spec_version="2.0">

    <shortdescription>Very simple widget</shortdescription>
    <longdescription>Simplest possible widget saying hello to the world.</longdescription>
    <tags>test example hello world</tags>
    <parameter type="string" name="widgetname">Hello World</parameter>
    <code src="hello_world.he"/>
      bg {
        color-1: white;
        background: solid black;
        align: hcenter vcenter;
        border: 1 1 1 1;
        border-type: rectangle white;

      text {
        color-1: white;
        padding: 2 2 2 2;
  <layout minimizedheight="65sp">
    <view id="viewMini" class="bg">
      <label class="text">${widgetname}</label>
    <view id="viewMaxi" class="bg">
      <script id="hello" class="text"/>
      <weblabel class="top: 0px; left: 10px;" style="color: black;">${widgetname}</weblabel>


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