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Archived:How to Use CAknSliderSettingPage for creating dynamic slider

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Devices(s): S60
Keywords: CAknSliderSettingPage, CAknSlider
Created: chenziteng (27 Sep 2009)
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Class CAknSliderSettingPage provides functionality to create slider setting page on S60 3rd Edition phones and you can implement it in your application as follows.

RSG File:

// YouRssFile.rsg
// begin by chen
#define qtn_my_slider_item_title "Test"
#define STRING_r_minimum "Min"
#define STRING_r_maximum "Max"
// "S60 slider incomplete resource causes out of memory failure"
// http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Discussion/showthread.php?108981-S60-slider-incomplete-resource-causes-out-of-memory-failure
RESOURCE AVKON_SETTING_PAGE r_my_slider_item_setting_page
label = qtn_my_slider_item_title;
type = EAknCtSlider;
editor_resource_id = r_my_slider_item_slider;
RESOURCE SLIDER r_my_slider_item_slider
layout = EAknSettingsItemSliderLayout;
minvalue = 0;
maxvalue = 10;
step = 1;
valuetype = EAknSliderValueBareFigure;
minlabel = STRING_r_minimum;
maxlabel = STRING_r_maximum;
// end by chen

cpp file.

// .cpp

// begin by chen
#include <YourRssFile.rsg> // R_MY_SLIDER_ITEM_SETTING_PAGE
#include <AknSliderSettingPage.h> // CAknSliderSettingPage
// end by chen
// begin by chen
TInt value = 0;
CAknSliderSettingPage* ssp = new(ELeave) CAknSliderSettingPage(R_MY_SLIDER_ITEM_SETTING_PAGE, value);
// begin, change the slider range programically
CAknSlider* slider = ssp->SliderControl();
// end
TBool ret = ssp->ExecuteLD();
// value is the slider value
// do someting to handle it
// end by chen

Source Code:

Full example: HelloWorld(SliderSettingPage).zip



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