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==Source Code==
==Source Code==
<code cpp>
<code cpp-qt>
#include <QtGui/QApplication>
#include <QtGui/QApplication>
#include "list.h"
#include "list.h"

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Qt Quick should be used for all UI development on mobile devices. The approach described in this article (based on QWidget) is deprecated.

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[edit] Overview

Sometimes we want to build many user interface widgets that share common properties, for example: same font type, same icons, same colors, etc. In such cases, we can create the "template object" first and after that use the clone() method to create copies that have all the properties set up first.

[edit] Source Code

#include <QtGui/QApplication>
#include "list.h"
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QApplication a(argc, argv);
QListWidget listWidget;
QListWidgetItem * patt = new QListWidgetItem(this); // Making the initial pattern
QListWidgetItem * name = patt->clone(); // cloning of pattern
listWidget.insertItem(0, name);
name = patt->clone(); // cloning of pattern
listWidget.insertItem(0, name);
name = patt;
name->setText("OT for S60");
listWidget.insertItem(0, name);
return a.exec();
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