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Archived:Info Popup Note API in Symbian C++

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As far as I can tell this class, and hence this tip is still relevant in Nokia Belle, for those people using Symbian C++ rather than Qt.

CAknInfoPopupNoteController is a popup message. It is an active object, and uses a timer to show a popup after a specified time interval (the default is 1 second). The popup disappears automatically after a certain time (the default is 10 seconds).

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Created: tepaa (28 Apr 2008)
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MMP file

The following capabilities and libraries are required:

LIBRARY avkon.lib

Header file

#include <akninfopopupnotecontroller.h>
// Set the note as the member variable of your application view (for example, CAknView)
CAknInfoPopupNoteController* iNote;

Source file

void CMyView::ShowNoteL()
if (!iNote)
// Create the note once
iNote = CAknInfoPopupNoteController::NewL();
// Hide the note. The last note may be visible when creating the second
// Set the time delay period before the popup is shown (in milliseconds)
// Set the time period of how long the popup is in the view (in milliseconds)
// Note text
// Note position
// Show note
void CMyView::DoDeactivate()
// TODO: Your view deactivate code here
// Remeber to delete the note
delete iNote;


The note is shown.

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