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Archived:KPOP3MTMCopyAllMailWhenAlreadyConnected command to a connected POP3 MTM does not work (Known Issue)

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Template:KBKI This known issue was originally created by Bhapca and has been verified by Forum Nokia.

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Devices(s): Emulator
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
S60 3rd Edition FP2
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
Keywords: KPOP3MTMCopyAllMailWhenAlreadyConnected, KPOP3MTMCopyNewMailWhenAlreadyConnected
Created: (24 Oct 2008)
Last edited: Forum Nokia KB (24 Oct 2008)


Issuing the KPOP3MTMCopyAllMailWhenAlreadyConnected (or a similar) command repeatedly to a POP3 MTM that is already connected does not initiate any network traffic towards the POP server.

A similar problem can be observed with the following commands:

  • KPOP3MTMCopyAllMailWhenAlreadyConnected
  • KPOP3MTMCopyNewMailWhenAlreadyConnected
  • KPOP3MTMPopulate
  • KPOP3MTMPopulateNew
  • KPOP3MTMPopulateAll

after connecting to a POP3 server using the KPOP3MTMConnect command.

How to reproduce

You'll need a POP account for this test. You can run a modified version of the S60 Platform: POP/IMAP Example available here: File:InternetEmail.zip. Select the POP protocol and use the "Get Mail" menu option repeatedly.

This problem can also be reproduced with the Messaging application in the emulator. After setting up a POP3 account, try selecting Retrieve email > New from the Options menu repeatedly.

To confirm that no attempt is made to talk to the server, you can run the example in the emulator and use a network sniffer to monitor the POP traffic.


No known solution. As a workaround, mail from POP3 servers can be retrieved using commands that disconnect from the service after each operation.

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