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The next-generation N-Gage platform is available in the Nokia N95, N93, N81 and N73 devices. It takes the high-quality gaming experience that users of the original N-Gage gamedeck devices enjoyed, and allows owners of a range of S60 smartphones to easily discover, purchase, play and share those games. The new platform is distinct from that found in the original N-Gage gamedecks, and targets S60 3rd Edition phones only.

There is a thriving community at N-Gage Community

There is much more to come! check out the N-Gage FAQ

Support for N-Gage is via the Forum Nokia PRO N-Gage Zone, accessible by invitation only. The N-Gage platform SDK is not available to individual games developers. ___________________________________________________________ The First Access system for N-Gage on the N81 8GB has been launched.

The file is over 6MB for the installer and over 2mb for the smaller files. Therefore loading with PC or WLAN connection is neccessary. The running of program will run using network (Orange 3g). To run online you will need a licenced version to access servers.

NOTE:- the N95 is not currently supported and "PATCHED" versions of the launch code found on the internet may cause problems with any other models of phone may reset the phone and drain the battery.

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