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Archived:Nokia E61 and Nokia E62 have different hardware and performance/characteristics (Known Issue)

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Nokia E61 and Nokia E62 have the same device design/covers, yet internally contain different hardware. Therefore there is an unexpected difference between the two.

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The Nokia E61 (and Nokia E60, Nokia E70) are 3G phones and have a dual chip design with separate cellular and application side processor and memory, whereas the Nokia E62 (and Nokia E50) are 2G phones and have a single chip design with common processor and memory for cellular and application side.

In the Nokia E61 the applications must be loaded to the RAM for execution, whereas in the Nokia E62 they can be directly executed from their permanent location in Flash memory. Also the memory types are different between the two. So even though the Nokia E61 and the Nokia E62 look the same, the internal HW is different, which affects the performance and characteristics.

  • Nokia E62 (and Nokia E50): Single chip design / ARM9 235Mhz / 32MB SDRAM / 32 NOR + 128 NAND Flash / with XIP (eXecute In Place) support (execution from Flash)
  • Nokia E61 (and Nokia E60, Nokia E70): Dual chip design (with separate chip for cellular modem)
    Details of the application side chip: ARM9 220Mhz / 64 DDR SDRAM / 128 NAND Flash / without XIP (must be loaded to RAM)  


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