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Archived.pngArchived: This article is archived because it is not considered relevant for third-party developers creating commercial solutions today. If you think this article is still relevant, let us know by adding the template {{ReviewForRemovalFromArchive|user=~~~~|write your reason here}}.

This is an old version of the SDK. See Qt SDK for more up-to-date information

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Created: ltomuta (09 Jun 2010)
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Nokia Qt SDK v1.0 beta

Note.pngNote: This is currently provided as beta and is still partially under development. and not recommended solution for commercial applications.

Moderators note this will be deleted when the final version is released. Please use the latest release article Qt SDK

This information may be of use until final release


  • Tooling
    • Qt Creator 2.0 beta
    • Qt Simulator (a light weight simulator for running and debugging applications on a desktop computer)
    • Symbian tool chain that supports compiling and packaging applications for deployment on Symbian based devices
    • Maemo tool chain that supports compiling and packaging applications for the Nokia N900 mobile computer with firmware version 10.2010.19-1 or later.
  • Qt APIs
    • Qt 4.6.2
    • Qt APIs for Mobile Development 1.0


Limitations Please note the following limitation apply to applications created with this beta:

  • Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian is not supported
  • The Linux version of this beta provides for compiling to Maemo only.
  • The Nokia N900 mobile computer supports applications created with this beta in firmware version 10.2010.19-1 or later.

Known Issues

  • General
    • Nokia Store will be accepting applications created with the Nokia Qt SDK in the near future
    • Support is not provided for the Smart Installer for Symbian
    • The Nokia N900 mobile computer will support applications created with this beta in the forthcoming version 10.2010.09-3 firmware update
    • The Linux version of this beta provides for compiling to Maemo only
    • Qt libraries cannot be installed on Nokia N96 devices
  • Nokia Qt SDK Installer
    • Postinstalling components triggers a bug in the download logic causing too many items to be downloaded again
    • Uninstalling items require an Internet connection to be able to parse the component catalog
    • If you have installed any earlier version of Qt Creator or any Qt SDK and you encounter troubles when starting Qt Creator or loading projects, please delete the configuration files (qtcreator.ini, qtcreator.db and the qtcreator subdirectory)
      • Windows XP users find the files at C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Nokia\

Moderators testing note for Windows Vista and Windows 7:-

  • All Windows operating systems will need to be logged in with Administrator rights this is because the install process will load drivers and install files into the windows system directories. There is not any checks to Administrator rights and can result in all these files being "dumped" in C: root.
  • Generally development should NOT be carried out on corporate domain server connected PC because the PC have been locked down for general user activity. When using these machines check with the I.T. support that this will be acceptable to corporate policy.
  • Development is best carried out on standard windows installation PC's as these will not interfere with the SDK and this is how they have been tested.
  • Windows Vista users find the files at C:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Nokia\ for Windows Vista users must DELETE the configuration files (qtcreator.ini, qtcreator.db and the qtcreator subdirectory) or QtCreator will not load animation examples, so you will be stuck and cannot use the Getting started manual.
  • Windows Vista user must delete via the Control panel the Environment variables for successful install "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symbian\Tools;" and "C:\Program Files\CSL Arm Toolchain\bin;" and "C:\MADDE\0.6.14" AND OF COURSE C:\Qt\4.6\bin;C:\Qt\4.6\lib; and other versions these can be put back if command line building needs to done. The following must be added to the 'start' of the path for Symbian 5th Edition kits to work on Vista
  • C:\Program Files\CSL Arm Toolchain\bin;C:\Program Files\CSL Arm Toolchain\arm-none-symbianelf\bin;C:\Program Files\CSL Arm Toolchain\libexec\gcc\arm-none-symbianelf\3.4.3;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symbian\tools; rest of %PATH%
  • The Windows Vista error about an unsigned USB driver workaround is to click "retry" a message pops up two options select the bottom option install this driver as I trust this supplier click OK and the install continues for about another 10 minutes. Shutdown Qt Creator if started and apply updates as below.
    • Windows Vista users need to use the update using the SDK Maintenance tool from the Start bar "All Programs -> Nokia Qt SDK Beta Release -> Update Nokia Qt SDK and Select the Symbian Qt 4.6-2,the Qt Simulator but 'not' the 4.7 beta update takes about 10 minutes. Then start Qt Creator

During Maemo install there is a problem installing the unsigned Windows driver must be over-ridden. Click "retry", a Red window pops up select the lower/bottom box "Trust the supplier and install" the install continues without error.

    • Windows 7 users find the files at C:\users\<USERNAME>/AppData/Roaming/Nokia/
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