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Archived:Nokia Qt SDK v1.0 Release Candidate - archived

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Archived.pngArchived: This article is archived because it is not considered relevant for third-party developers creating commercial solutions today. If you think this article is still relevant, let us know by adding the template {{ReviewForRemovalFromArchive|user=~~~~|write your reason here}}.

The Nokia Qt SDK has been superceded by the Qt SDK.

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Welcome to Nokia Qt SDK wiki

Archived: The Nokia Qt SDK v1.0 is a tool designed to make the development of Qt applications for mobile devices from Nokia easy. The SDK complements Qt Creator with tools that eliminate the need for platform or device specific SDKs. In addition, with versions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and (in a future release) Apple Mac computers, it frees developers to use the desktop environment they prefer.

As this is the first release you are encourage strongly to provide feedback on the quality, usability, and features of the SDK. Such feedback will be used to guide further development of the tool. Feedback can be provided on the Qt SDK and Tools discussion board or by using the Qt Bug Tracker. The bug tracker is designed for the reporting of bugs and tracking their resolution. In addition, it’s a place where bugs can be discussed with Qt developers and suggestions made for feature improvements.

Nokia Qt SDK v1.0 RC (current release)


  • One cannot install the Release Candidate into the same directory as the Beta. Please remove the Beta first or install into another location.
  • The Linux version of this beta provides for compiling to Maemo only.
  • The Nokia N900 mobile computer supports applications created with this beta in firmware version 10.2010.19-1 or later.

Change log

Following the full change log for the Release Candidate:

Installer Change log

  • offline installer does not include the sources anymore to reduce the filesize of the binaries
  • added stand-alone designer as component
  • fixed launching sub-processes as admin, which was failing on some Microsoft Windows derivates
  • [QTSDK-4] Crashed segmentation fault on Linux (metadata collision)
  • [QTSDK-6] Setting up Maemo target failed
  • [QTSDK-7] Proper Layout of the License Agreement to not cut the text
  • [QTSDK-8] Added proxy support for installation/updating
  • [QTSDK-12] Not all documentation pages did show up on every browser
  • [QTSDK-27] Fixed segmentation fault on Linux
  • [QTSDK-28] Fixed crash on Linux (installation on read-only target)
  • [QTSDK-49] Fixed crash when no disk space is left
  • [QTSDK-76] Fixed localization of Qt Creator
  • [QTSDK-79] Updated Messaging API to include correct headers

Simulator Change log

  • Improved device configuration: The menu placeholders can now be set from the configuration file.
  • Added menu placeholders for the N95 skin.
  • Updated menu placeholders for the Maemo and N97 skins.
  • It is now possible to use the Qt Mobility bearer management module when building for the Simulator.
  • Added documentation on bearer management usage.
  • Add mouseover highlight to on-device buttons to make them more discoverable.
  • [QTSIM-2] Mobility messaging now works with mingw toolchain.
  • [QTSIM-8] The ‘x’ button on the Maemo device works now.
  • [QTSIM-9] The Symbian style for the N97 now uses the black theme.
  • [QTSIM-10] Change the Creator start menu entry to point to qtcreator.bin; avoids problems with LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  • [QTSIM-11] The buildkey of the debug libraries no longer contains ‘release’.
  • [QTSIM-13] Can now close Simulator from task bar.
  • [QTSIM-15] Simulator now remembers the rotation state.
  • [QTSIM-17, QTSIM-25] Fixed sensors. The plugins for the simulated sensors are now loaded correctly.
  • [QTSIM-22] Fixed a potential crash when multiple scripts are run in parallel.
  • [QTSIM-30] Fixed keyboard focus handling. Using the device buttons no longer removes keyboard focus from the running application.

SDK Change log

  • updated to Qt 4.6.3 on Symbian
  • using public Simulator repositories(Qt, QtMobility, Simulator)
  • merged MaintenanceTool and Updater to a single application
  • updated TRK versions
  • updated QtCreator to 2.0.0 RC
  • updated MADDE to the newest release
  • added experimental component Archived:Qt SDK Remote Compiler
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