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Archived:Nokia S60 Browser control panics on deleting second instance (Known Issue)

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ID KIS000893 Creation date April 16, 2008
Platform S60 3rd Edition Devices All S60 3rd Edition devices
Category Symbian Subcategory Browser


The Nokia S60 Browser control crashes when the second instance of it is deleted.


1. Create two browser controls in one application.
2. Load local content to them.
3. Delete two browser instances.
4. When deleting the second instance, the browser control will panic with KERN-EXEC 3.

How to reproduce

The example code in File:Brwctrl2Inst.zip can be used to reproduce the problem.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Sign the "Brwctrl2Inst.SIS" file and install it on any S60 3rd Edition device.
2. Select Options > Load first page. Sample1.htm .
3. Select Options > Load Second page. The contents of Sample2.htm is displayed.
4. Select Exit.

The application panics with KERN-EXEC 3.


No solution exists.

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