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Archived:PySymbian C++ Extensions

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  • All unofficial extension modules for Python S60 written in C++
  • For writing your own extension tutorial, see this
  • More extensions can also be found here
Name 1st and/or 2nd 3rd selfsigned 3rd unsigned C++ source Author Comments Links Ported to 1.9.x?
properties v v v Mark Hurenkamp No 1.4.x version available yet Yes
miso v v v v PDIS [1] Yes
misty 1.5 v v v Cyke64 [2]
appswitch v v v v Simo Salminen, Lfd , Cyke64 [3] Yes
fgimage v v v v Simo Salminen deprecated => topwindow [4]
vibra v v v  ??? deprecated => miso or misty
music v v  ??? bugged !
pys60USB v v v v Simo Salminen alpha ! [5]
pys60 elementtree v v v 2nd 3rd Simo Salminen [6]
mmsmodule v FP2 v lapanen experimental for 2nd FP2 [7]
callstatus v v dk CallStatusDeprecated ==> sysagent [8]
keypress 1.02 v v v dk + Cyke64 3rd unsigned only ! [9]
image1st v v many only useful for 1st !
uikludges v v v v Simo Salminen deprecated => uitricks
iapconnect v v v v Simo Salminen
akntextutils v v Simo Salminen deprecated ==> EG1 [10]
wap v v Vladimir Vyskocil
sysagent 1.11 v v Cyke64 replace callstatus ! [11]
aosocketnativenew new v Albert Huang
cerealizer v v v v Simo Salminen [12]
lightblue 0.4 v v v v Bea Lam [13]
hack v v v v many [14]
cmobihf v v v v Tovganesh [15]
uitricks v v v v Cyke64 replace uikludges [16]
uikludges 2.0 Mikko Ohtamaa replace uikludges [17]
flashy v v Cyke64 [18]
activeprofile v v v Cyke64 [19]
pathinfo v v v Cyke64 [20]
cenrep v v v Cyke64 [21]
feature v v v Cyke64 [22]
dialog v v v v Lfd [23]
pys60crypto v v v v Lfd [24]
PDIS v v v v PDIS [25]
phone_ext v Aalborg PhoneExt [26]
pyextAccel 5500 5500 v Jespern only for Nokia 5500 sport ! [27]
pys60_pyexpat v v v v Teemu Harju XML parser [28]
AES v Quickie [29]
uidcrc v v Shrim [30]
applist v v v Cheemeng list and launch installed apps [31] Yes
misoalarm v v v v Tero Hasu alarms [32]
wlantools v v Christophe Berger wlan-scanning [33] Yes
elocation v v Christophe Berger extended GSM details [34] Yes
xprofile v v Cyke64 profile changing snippet
pys60_wallpaper v v v v Teemu Harju Update wallpaper [35]

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