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Archived:RUNREMOVE (RR) directive does not work as specified in some SW versions of S60 3rd Edition devices (Known Issue)

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Article Metadata
Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia 3250 (SW 3.17)
Nokia E61 (SW 1.0610.04.04)
Nokia N71 (SW: 2.0613.1.12.1)
Nokia N91 (SW: )
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
Created: (July 7, 2006, updated October 31, 2008)
Last edited: Forum Nokia KB (31 Oct 2008)


The RUNREMOVE (RR) directive in the .pkg file does not work correctly in some of the first SW releases of S60 3rd Edition devices.

Detailed description

The following piece of code is from a .pkg file which should command the uninstaller.exe application to be run when the main application, testapp.exe, is uninstalled.

  ; ********************************************************************
 ; testapp.pkg
 ;Language - standard language definitions
 ; standard SIS file header
 ;Localised Vendor name
 ;Unique Vendor name
 ;Supports S60 3rd Edition
[0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}
 ; *********************************************************************
 ; This executable will be run when ’testapp’ is uninstalled
 ; - Remember to use UID3 for the small exe, otherwise it won’t run
 ; *********************************************************************
-"!:\sys\bin\uninstaller.exe", FR, RR, RW
 ; **********************************************************************
 ; These files belong to the actual ’testapp’
 ; ***********************************************************************
"\Epoc32\release\gcce\urel\testapp.exe" -"!:\sys\bin\testapp.exe"
"\Epoc32\data\z\resource\apps\testapp.mif" -"!:\resource\apps\testapp.mif"
 ; *************************************************************************

At least the following devices with these SW versions fail to launch the uninstaller.exe application during the uninstallation of testapp.exe.

  • Nokia 3250 (SW 3.17)
  • Nokia E61 (SW 1.0610.04.04)
  • Nokia N71 (SW: 2.0613.1.12.1)
  • Nokia N91 (SW: )

The functionality works as specified in at least the following devices with these SW versions:

  • Nokia N73 (SW:
  • Nokia N91 (SW: 1.10.030)


No workaround available for devices/SW versions reported above. This issue no longer exists in latest SW versions for S60 3rd Edition devices.


  • RUNINSTALL (RI) and RUNREMOVE (RR) options cannot be used in self-signed SIS packages.
  • When using RUNWAITEND (RW) options with RUNREMOVE, the application launched on removal should complete its tasks and exit as quickly as possible. The installer is waiting for the process to complete and may appear to be stuck during this time.

See also

TSS000718 - Using RUNREMOVE and RUNINSTALL options in SIS packages

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