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Archived:Retrieving memory card unique ID using Symbian C++

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The unique serial number from the MMC card identification register (CID) can be retrieved with the following function (if supported by the media):

 TInt RFs::GetMediaSerialNumber( TMediaSerialNumber &aSerialNum, TInt aDrive );


RFs::GetMediaSerialNumber() returns 16 bytes (128 bits) which are a copy of the card's CID register, defined as follows:

Description Field Width CID bits
Manufacturer ID MID 8 [127:120]
OEM/Application ID OID 16 [119:104]
Product name PNM 40 [103:64]
Product revision PRV 8 [63:56]
Product serial number PSN 32 [55:24]
Reserved - 4 [23:20]
Manufacturing date MDT 12 [19:8]
CRC7 checksum CRC 7 [7:1]
Not used, always 1 - 1 [0:0]
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