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Archived:SIM card status using Symbian C++

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Created: stenlik (03 May 2009)
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To check the SIM card status on the S60 3rd edition the trick is used with trying to get the IMSI via the CTelephony class (Reading IMSI in 3rd edition -Synchronously). It is assumed that once the IMSI cannot be retrieved, the SIM card is not inserted in the phone.

But looking on what is in the SDK included one will find also the publish and subscibe key KUidSIMStatusValue. It looks promising, as it returns a value form the enumeration below:

enum TSASIMStatus

Unfortunately this API does not work correctly and there some historical reasons, why it is included in the SDK. There is the discussion thread regarding this problem http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Discussion/showthread.php?164752-SIM-card-starus-RProperty-KUidSIMStatusValue-and-ESASimRejected&p=571589.

If you need to have access sto the API, which will allow you to get more information about the SIM card there is the only way to go through the non-public API you can get via the API Partnering Request.

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