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Created: rebloor (07 Jan 2013)
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We had a great response to the competition, with a wide variety of applications being submitted.

With a selection of both Java and web apps, we saw some clever and interesting app ideas. After much thought, the judges decided to award only one grand prize of the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Asha 311.

Drum roll please, the winner is: Package Tracker by Future soft.

We have additionally selected four runners up, who will receive either a Nokia 808 PureView or a Nokia Asha 311.


What our judges thought

Package Tracker by Future soft (Shai Ifrach)

For any of you who have attended our April UI Clinic, Package Tracker will be instantly familiar. While the version of Package Tracker entered into the competition hadn’t yet benefited from the feedback from the UI Clinic, the judges were still impressed by the applications simplicity and its focus on elegantly addressing a clear needed for many – tracking the status of their packages with a variety of global couriers. This app implemented the full-touch UI style well, was easy to use, and always did what it said it would do: Provide the details anyone would need when tracking a package.

LAWH12013 PT 1.png LAWH12013 PT 2.png

For more information see Future soft’s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Ahmedabad AutoFare WebApp and AAF (Ahmedabad Auto Fare) V1 by Girish Padia

If you live in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, or plan on traveling there, these two apps by Girish Padia will be invaluable if you are taking advantage of the cities abundant (there are approximately 170,000) auto rickshaws. The apps lets you convert a meter reading into the day and night time fare and provides an estimate of the trip’s distance. Both apps include additional information explaining the fare system and the local traffic helpline number. Again the judges were impressed by the focused simplicity of the apps —doing one task really well — and well as Girish’s effort in implementing both a Java and web app version.

LAWH12013 AAF 1.png LAWH12013 AAF 2.png

For more information see Girish’s Facebook page or follow him on Twitter.

QuickStocks by Minian Software (Ian Wong)

Playing the stock market can be a risky business, and a key to success is good up to date information; and this is exactly what QuickStocks is all about. This web app enables users to quickly review stock price and details of historic price changes. Loaded with a selection of key tech and local stocks, the app also enables users to look up stock by their symbol and add them to the list of stocks. The judges were impressed by the thoughtful use of expanding sections within the stock list to display more information and the discrete inclusion of ads.

LAWH12013 QS 1.png LAWH12013 QS 2.png

For more information see Minian Software’s website.

Space Survivor 2 by Vagrant (Joseph Jemar Requillo)

Joseph describes Space Survivor 2 as a ‘classic shooter arcade game that is out of this world’ and he’s not wrong. This deceptively simple game caught the judges’ attention for its soundtrack and graphics, as well as Facebook sharing.

LAWH12013 SpaceS2 1.png LAWH12013 SpaceS2 2.png

For more information see Vagrant’s website or their Facebook page.

Jumping Man by Logicwall (Anselmus Krisma Adi Kurniawan)

Simple apps are sometimes the best, and Jumping Man is an excellent example of why. A simple concept, implemented in retro shades for grey — in jumping man you have to do no more than jump your character over gaps between tall buildings and see how far you can get, but it’s engaging and addictive. And it was this no nonsense approach to casual gaming that won over our judges.

LAWH12013 JM 1.png

LAWH12013 JM 2.png

For more information see Logicwall’s website or follow Anselmus on Twitter.

About the competition

Publish and Win is a competition running in conjunction with the 2013 Series 40 Java and web apps webinars running in January through to the end of April 2013. The goal of the competition is for you to show us what you have learnt from the design and technical webinars we ran during 2012 and have planned for you in the first four months of 2013, by creating or updating a Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 app.

Your application must be a new or significantly updated release for the Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (full-touch UI). To be 'new' your application shouldn't have been published in Nokia Store, for any Series 40 release, before 14 January 2013. To qualify as 'updated' your app must include some significant new features, that use a capability of Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0, for example, a game updated to include accelerometer based control using the Mobile Sensor API, the addition of location awareness, a change the UI from one based on LCDUI to LWUIT — for a more native look and feel — an update to take advantage of the multiple touch-point features of the Nokia UI API 1.6, or similar.

This is also an ideal opportunity to port your Android or BlackBerry apps to Series 40. For more information on how to port apps, see the Nokia Developer Porting to Series 40 library or check out the Android or Blackberry porting webinars.

And don't forget, you can also bring any Java apps you may have for Symbian over to Series 40 and enter them in the competition too.

Every app you submit should deliver a great UI that complies with the full-touch UI guidelines. Using one or more of the other technologies we cover in a webinar, such as advertising powered by Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX), will be an advantage. Making use of the features of Marketing in a Box — to drive downloads and gather reviews and star ratings — won’t hurt your chances of winning a prize either.

Then in May 2013 the developers of up to three winning applications will each receive a pair of phones, a Nokia Asha 311 and a Nokia 808 PureView. In addition, there will also be ten Nokia Store spotlight packages and ten $100 Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) credits available for selected apps.

If you haven't published an app on Nokia Store before, you can find details on the submission and publication process along with details of the quality criteria for published apps on the Nokia Developer Publish your app page.

How to participate

First, register and attend at least one of the Series 40 Java or web apps webinars running in January through to the end of April 2013. Then create one or more new web apps or new or updated Java apps, and have them published in Nokia Store before 23:59 UTC on 14 May 2013.

Here are the competition rules:

  • you must have attended at least one 2013 Series 40 Java or web apps webinar before 23:59 UTC on 30 April 2013.
  • submitted applications must be for Series 40 Developer Platform 2.0 (full-touch UI). Implementations for other editions of Series 40 will be taken into account during judging, but are not a requirement.
  • to qualify as 'new' your application(s) must not have been published in Nokia Store for any Series 40 release before 14 January 2013.
  • to qualify as 'updated' your application(s) must include significant new features in a version published in Nokia Store after 14 January 2013.
  • your submitted application(s) must be published in Nokia Store by 23:59 UTC on 14 May 2013 (it's your responsibility to allow sufficient time for your app submission to Nokia Publish to be published in Nokia Store, but we suggest you allow 2 to 3 weeks).
  • applications must be available in English. Other localised versions may be provided, but only the English version will be judged.
  • to be eligible for a NAX store credit your application must include ads powered by NAX, for more information see the Nokia Developer NAX web page.
  • to be eligible for a Nokia Store spotlight your Nokia Store submission must include the spotlight assets, for more details see the Spotlight content section of the Nokia Store Publisher Guide. Translated versions of the guide are available here.
  • details of each application you want to enter must be sent to and include:
    • for each app submitted:
      • details of the Nokia Store application ID or URL link.
      • whether its 'new' or 'updated' and if 'updated' the feature(s) added in the update.
    • the title of one of the Series 40 webinars you attended.

See the fine print for more information.

The prizes

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • up to three (3) overall winners will receive a pair of phones, a Nokia Asha 311 and a Nokia 808 PureView.
  • up to ten (10) store spotlight packages.
  • up to ten (10) $100 NAX credits.

Entries may be awarded a combination of prizes.

In the case where legal restrictions prevent the allocated prize being awarded, an alternative prize will be substituted.

Evaluation of entries

Entries will be judged on their compliance with relevant Series 40 UI guidelines, quality of the application, innovation and originality in application functionality, use of advanced APIs (where appropriate), and market appeal. Multiple entries are encouraged, but will be assessed on their individual merits — so a single great app will win over multiple less-impressive applications.

The entries will be judged by selected Nokia technical experts at the end of the competition. Typically, results are posted within two weeks of the end of the competition.

Competition entries

The following apps have been entered into the competition and are now being reviewed by our judges. Please feel free to download and rate these competition entries.



General questions or comments concerning this competition can be submitted as comments to this wiki page or emailed to

The fine print

The main sponsor of the Publish and Win competition is Nokia Corporation, Finland (“main sponsor”). The competition is a competition of skill. No purchase or admission fee is necessary to participate. By participating in the Publish and Win competition the participant indicates his/her/its acceptance of these rules and agrees to be bound by them as well as any rules and regulations of Nokia Developer. You acknowledge and agree that no form of cheating will be tolerated. Any persons found cheating, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the main sponsor, will immediately be disqualified from the contest. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the main sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend, withdraw or revise these rules and the prizes at any time without notice and in such event the main sponsor shall not have any liability whatsoever.

This Publish and Win competition shall not constitute a commitment or create a joint venture, partnership, agency or other business relationship between the participants and the main sponsor of this competition. This Publish and Win competition shall not either be understood to grant to any participant whether expressly or by implication any ownership, rights or license to any intellectual property rights of the main sponsor and vice versa. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Nokia shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the participant’s participation in the Publish and Win competition. The laws of Finland shall be applicable to any disputes arising out of the Publish and Win competition. Unless otherwise provided for in applicable mandatory legislation, such disputes will be finally settled in the public court of Helsinki.

Nokia, Nokia Developer employees and contractors may not compete.

Copyright ©2013 Nokia. All rights reserved. Nokia and Nokia Developer are registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation.

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