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Archived:Setting VGA resolution for CVideoRecorderUtility fails on the Nokia N96 (Known Issue)

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Devices(s): Nokia N96
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition, FP2
S60 3rd Edition FP2
Keywords: SetVideoFrameSizeL
Created: (12 May 2009)
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CVideoRecorderUtility does not support recording in VGA (640x480) resolution on the Nokia N96.


This issue can be checked with the S60 Platform: Video Example available on Forum Nokia.

This C++ code example demonstrates how to play and record video files. CVideoRecorderUtility and CCamera classes are used to record a video clip, and the CVideoPlayerUtility class is used to play, stop, and pause video clips and show the video clip information.

Using the example application, initialise the video recording controller with a MIME type that supports recording in VGA resolution (video/mp4v-es; profile-level-id=4), then try setting the VGA resolution in the MvruoOpenComplete() callback function:

 void CVideoRecorderAdapter::MvruoOpenComplete( TInt aError )
if( aError == KErrNone )
iUtility->SetVideoFrameSizeL( TSize( 640, 480 ) );

Calling CVideoRecorderUtility::Prepare() results in the MvruoPrepareComplete() callback to be called with KErrNotSupported error on the Nokia N96.


No known solution. The maximum video resolution supported by CVideoRecorderUtility in the Nokia N96 is 352x288 (CIF).

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