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Archived:Setting a default drive and directory for AknCommonDialogs

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Setting a default drive and directory for AknCommonDialogs


The following code example shows how the AknCommonDialogs class can be used to select the directories from a particular drive.


In the resources, declare the memory selection dialog as follows:
    title = "title string";
    softkey_1 = "ok string";
    softkey_2 = "cancel string";
    locations =
            \\ Replace <drive> with - c: for phone, e: for memory card
            \\ Replace <dir> with default directory
            root_path = "<drive>:\\";
            default_folder = "<drive>:\\<dir>";
// In the cpp file, launch the AknCommonDialogs. RunSaveDlgLD() does not display the folder selection dialog - instead, the resulting path will be constructed from the root and default folder read from resources.
    LIT(filename ,"default"); // default file name to display in dialog
    TBuf<32> default_file_name;
    AknCommonDialogs::RunSaveDlgLD(default_file_name, R_MEMORY_SELECTION_DIALOG);

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