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This article covers how to set up environment to work with Qt Mobility API.



Setup Qt 4.6.2


  • Choose the path of installation

Qt4.6.2 choose path.PNG

  • Choose the Symbian SDK

Qt4.6.2 choose SDK.PNG

  • Qt 4.6.2 provides its own configured command prompt with the variables set
  • Once the installation of Qt 4.6.2 is completed, you can find the Qt command prompt as shown in the following picture:

Qt4.6.2 command prompt.PNG

  • Use this command prompt to work with Qt development which will make the process easier

Note.pngNote: Current set of S60 devices do not have pre-installed Qt libraries on device. Please do not forget to install Qt libraries on the device before testing it on real device. You will find qt_installer.sis under C:\Qt\4.6.2 folder. It contains all the dependency files in a single .sis file.

Setup Qt Mobility API 1.0.0 beta 1

  • After successful installation of Qt 4.6.2, the next step is to build Qt Mobility APIs
  • Download QtMobility API: new-qt-apis
  • Extract it to the folder of your wish. In this series, it is extracted to C:\QtMobility\ (Make sure to extract all the files directly under C:\QtMobility API to make the efforts easier)
  • Once you have extracted the Qt Mobility API, perform the following steps:
  • configure

Qt4.6.2 command prompt 2.PNG

  • make debug-winscw

Qt4.6.2 command prompt 3.PNG

  • make release-gcce

Qt4.6.2 command prompt 4.PNG

Installation for device

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