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Archived:Some SVG icons are clipped on Nokia N91 and Nokia 5500 Sport (Known Issue)

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Some SVG icons are clipped on Nokia N91 and Nokia 5500 Sport
Symbian C++
UI, Scalable UI
Reported against
S60 3rd Edition, Nokia N91, Nokia 5500 Sport
Date identified
April 25, 2007
Detailed description
Certain application icons on Nokia N91 and Nokia 5500 Sport phones are clipped from the left and right sides. This is visible on Nokia N91 phones with firmware version 3.x in the application menu when the Grid view is used.
When the List view is used in the application menu, the icons are displayed correctly. The application icon is displayed correctly also in the Active standby application list.
How to reproduce
Define an invisible box in the SVG file in addition to the visible icon parts. The box has to be somewhat larger than the visible icon itself; just having an invisible box with the same dimensions as the visible icon does not solve this issue.
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