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Archived:Using RProperty for publishing

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Devices(s): Nokia N93
Keywords: RProperty, RProperty::Define(), RProperty::Delete(), RProperty::Attach(), RProperty::Set(), RProperty::Close()
Created: aknyman (15 Apr 2008)
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This code snippet shows how the class RProperty can be used to publish user-defined properties with Symbian's IPC Publish and Subscribe mechanism.

A property is published using the RProperty::Set() function. This means that the value of the property is updated. Whenever a property is published, all outstanding subscriptions are completed.

The code snippet Archived:Using RProperty for subscribing shows how to subscribe these user-defined properties. The property definitions are shared between a publisher and a subscriber through the common header file ExampleProperties.h.

const TInt KMaxStrLen = 10;
const TUid KExampleProperty = {0xED1917A8};
enum TExamplePropertyKeys { EIntProperty, EStrProperty };

This snippet can be self-signed.

MMP file

The following libraries are required:

LIBRARY euser.lib


The publisher or the subscriber thread can be the one to define properties by calling RProperty::Define(). The user-defined properties persist in the kernel until the operating system reboots or the properties are deleted.

TInt ret=RProperty::Define(KExampleProperty,EIntProperty,RProperty::EInt);
if (ret != KErrAlreadyExists)
ret= RProperty::Define(KExampleProperty,EStrProperty,RProperty::EByteArray,KMaxStrLen);
if (ret != KErrAlreadyExists)

Source file

#include <e32base.h>
#include <e32property.h>
#include "exampleproperties.h"
LOCAL_C void SetExamplePropertiesL()
TInt err(KErrNone);
// Use handle to publish EIntProperty
RProperty intProperty;
err = intProperty.Attach(KExampleProperty, EIntProperty, EOwnerThread);
err = intProperty.Set(123);
// Use category and key to publish EStrProperty
// Global Functions
GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()
// Create cleanup stack
CTrapCleanup* cleanup = CTrapCleanup::New();
// Run application code inside TRAP harness
TRAPD(mainError, SetExamplePropertiesL());
if (mainError)
//SetExamplePropertiesL leaves...
//Properties updated ok
delete cleanup;
return KErrNone;


Two example properties are published using the class RProperty.

If the publisher thread has defined the properties, it is also capable of deleting properties by using RProperty::Delete() as follows:

TInt err(KErrNone);
err = RProperty::Delete(KExampleProperty,EIntProperty);
if (err != KErrNotFound)
err = RProperty::Delete(KExampleProperty,EStrProperty);
if (err != KErrNotFound)

When properties are deleted, any outstanding subscriptions will be completed with KErrNotFound.

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