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Assisted GPS on N95

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Version 12.0.013 of Nokia N95 device added support for Assisted GPS, which allows having positioning data even where GPS signal is poor, like when the device is surrounded by buildings or is indoor or under trees.

A-GPS on N95 uses device's data connection to talk to a server and help the device to get the location using network technologies such as Cell ID.

Getting started

  • To enable your N95 to use A-GPS, upgrade your firmware version to the newest one (currently, V 12.0.013):


  • Go to Tools / Settings / General / Positioning. Check "Positioning methods" and make sure "Assisted GPS" is selected:


  • Hit "Back", click on "Positioning server", leave the "Server Address" as it is and change the "Access Point" parameter to point to your operator's Internet access point:


  • Start Nokia Maps. From now on, besides using the GPS signal to locate the device, the operating system will be connecting to the network to get positioning help whenever the GPS signal becomes weak or unavailable.

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