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Backlight usability

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[edit] What is BackLight ?

Backlight is a form of illumination used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs).They are used in small displays(like mobile) to increase readability in low light conditions.

[edit] Need for proper usage of Backlight

An application should make optimal use of backlight because it costs battery usage.


[edit] Some guidelines for backlight usability

  • Backlight should be turned off when the application is idle.
  • When the application is moved to background, the backlight should turn off after a while.
  • The default backlight settings should not be modified.
  • Backlight timeout period should be low.
  • Backlight behavior should be consistent in case of Voip applications vis-a-vis cell calls, i.e. if profile is silent on incoming cell calls the backlight blinks, the same should happen in the case of Voip calls also.
  • The user inactivity timer should not be tampered with unless there is a valid reason so to do, as this can impact the battery performance and stop the screen saver from coming on.

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