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Big Clock

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Created: hugovk (25 Apr 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (29 Jul 2012)

Big Clock

Ever wanted a big ol' clock for your phone? Well, if you have a S60 phone, then get your free clock here!

I wanted a clock for my phone that was nice and big and easy to use just by bashing some keys, and wasn't too bright for using at night. So I made one. And as an added bonus, it also works in the daytime :)

Not for S60 3rd Edition.


  • Full or normal screen: useful to quickly check the notifications in the top-right corner, like new SMS/missed call
  • Backlight on: keeps the backlight on, and the screensaver off, for when you want to keep the clock visible (note will use battery up quicker)
  • Alarm clock: opens the phone's built-in clock/alarm thingy
  • Send to a friend: limited! - send the clock for free to another S60 phone using Bluetooth
  • About: boring version number but with a handy shortcut to so you can check those Sevenball gigs in the pub


  • Semi-skinnable: put a file called bigclockface.jpg in C:\Nokia\Images\ or E:\Images\ before starting. It's best to use a 176x208 image, but any will do
  • Log the time: First create a folder at C:\Logs\BigClock\ then type 564 ("LOG") and enter some text. It will be logged to C:\Logs\BigClock\BigClock.txt

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