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Blinking icon on the idle screen

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The idea of having a blinking icon on the idle screen is for providing important updates(news or some event) to the user. User need not go the browser or any other client all the time to check if some relevant update is there. When the user clicks on the icon, the client application containing the complete information will be launched.

Idle screen with blinking icon
Client app launched after clicking on the icon

Design Tips

  • The blinking icon should be hyperlinked to the browser or a different client application containing the complete update of the snapshot presented to the user on idle screen.
  • For a touch screen device, the touch action will open the client application.
  • For devices not supporting the touch interface, the client application can be launched by pressing a key. For example, the long press of *(star) key. The application should capture that key event properly. Also note that some key events are already dedicated to other application.
  • The icon can be constructed by creating a bimap image of the event headline text.
  • Choose the text font and colour wisely to bring the user attention.
  • The client application should provide a setting option to change the blinking period, and this period should not be too high.
  • The blinking icon should be drawn at a proper place on the idle screen. It should not hide the other important info on the idle screen like indicators, command buttons etc.
  • Sound can also be played along with the blinking icon, but check the profile setting before that. For example in case of silent profile, do not play the sound.

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