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Bluetooth discovery in Qt Mobility may not report devices (Nokia C6)

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{{Abstract| Qt Bluetooth discovery omit the devices in the cache from the results }}  
{{Abstract| Qt Bluetooth discovery omit the devices in the cache from the results }}  

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Qt Bluetooth discovery omit the devices in the cache from the results

Article Metadata
Code ExampleTested with
Devices(s): Nokia C6-01
Platform(s): Qt mobility 1.2.1 and later -->
Device(s): must have internal bluetooth -->
Platform Security
Capabilities: ReadDeviceData LocalServices WriteDeviceData
Keywords: QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent, BluetoothLinkManagerDeviceDiscoverer
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Bluetooth devices which are listed in the cache cannot be retrieved with Qt mobility APIs

How to reproduce

Bluetooth device names are cached after each inquiry. Upon a new paired device process is initiated, these cached devices shown first to the user for convinience.

Similar inquiry can be initiated with Qt mobility APIs using QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent::start() method.

The result that this Qt mobility APIs provide can be shorter however. It is possible to receive the following output in Qt creator before all of the available devices shown:

[Qt Message] void QtMobility::BluetoothLinkManagerDeviceDiscoverer::RunL() 0 
[Qt Message] void QtMobility::BluetoothLinkManagerDeviceDiscoverer::RunL() -25

Where -25 means KErrHostResNoMoreResults after the first device is reported. The reason for such short list is devices which were previusly cached are ignored by the API by using explicitly the KHostResIgnoreCache flag upon the discovery:

void BluetoothLinkManagerDeviceDiscoverer::startDiscovery(const uint discoveryType)
m_addr.SetAction(KHostResInquiry | KHostResName | KHostResIgnoreCache);


There is no known solution or workaround for the problem.
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