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Browser Usability

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  [[Image:Browser11.jpg|frame|A browser snapshot from Nokia N72]]
  [[File:Browser11.jpg|frame|A browser snapshot from Nokia N72]]
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==Related Links==
==Related Links==
* [http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Browser Browser]
* [[Browser]]
* [http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/How_to_open_browser_programmaticaly How to open browser programmaticaly]
* [[How to open browser programmaticaly]]

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Browser allows the users to access the web pages on their devices. The main purpose is to surf the web and view internet sites.

A browser snapshot from Nokia N72

Some usability tips

  • The smaller form factor must be kept into account.
  • Entering text might be slow for mobile devices, so providing autocomplete will be an added advantage for the users.
  • There should be provision for performing the basic functions - back, forward, stop, refresh and home.
  • Vertical scrolling of pages should be preferred.
  • Soft keys mapping for commands should be used wisely.
  • Should provide a mechanism for proper navigation.
  • Variation of fonts and colors should not be too high for atleast smaller resolution devices.
  • Should not create auto-refreshing pages, otherwise provide an option to the user to stop this behaviour.
  • Very large images should not be used.

Related Links

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