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CMdaAudioConvertUtility not supported on S60 (Known Issue)

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CMdaAudioConvertUtility, which is part of Symbian’s Media Client Audio API, is not supported since S60 1st Edition (v1.2). When used on newer platforms, all variants of CMdaAudioConvertUtility::OpenL() will return KErrNotSupported error code.


Audio convert utility is no longer supported in S60. Streaming applications no longer need to convert audio to PCM format before passing it to the stream. Instead, it is possible to read or write compressed audio data directly from/to the stream, provided that a supported data type (fourCC code) is used when initialising the stream object.

For example, when using CMdaAudioInputStream to read audio data directly in AMR-NB format:

 void MyStreamClass::MaiscOpenComplete(TInt aError)

Conversion between different audio encoding types is supported only via the CMMFCodec API. Conversion can be done between encoding types if a suitable decoder/encoder combination is supported by the device. See the Device multimedia feature tables available at Nokia Developer for more information about codecs in S60 devices.

See also

Device multimedia feature tables available at Nokia Developer

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