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Created: vasant21 (22 Sep 2008)
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  • CONE is a control environment that provides the basic framework for controls(GUI controls).
  • CONE - "CONtrol Environment" is a symbian component for UI Control Framework.
  • CONE provides environment for creating controls.
  • CONE contains classes that provide mechanisms for Handling User Input and Creating User Interface.
  • Singleton instance of class CCoeEnv implements the Control Environment, hence its pointer is stored in Thread Local Storage (TLS) and it is accessible to CCoeControl,CCoeAppUi and through its own static function CCoeEnv::Static().
  • CONE primarily interacts with the Window Server via client/server IPC channel, which handles centralized access to the screen and user input.
  • CONE provides generic base for controls, all the CONE classes are named with the prefix "*Coe"—for example: CCoeAppUi, CCoeControl and implementation is inside cone.lib
  • GUI Layers use these CONE classes to derive their own specific controls.
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