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CSpeechRecognitionUtility does not works for Symbian^3 SDK

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SDK: Symbian^3
Devices(s): N8
Keywords: CSpeechRecognitionUtility
Created: vineet.jain (12 Sep 2014)
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The Speech Recognition API CSpeechRecognitionUtility does not works for Symbian^3 SDK


The CSpeechRecognitionUtility API which until the Symbian^3 SDK was not public, fails when we try to create its object.It gives a "System error -1" when an object is created using its static function NewL().

How to reproduce

Try creating an object for CSpeechRecognitionUtility as below:

iSpeechRecognitionUtility = CSpeechRecognitionUtility::NewL(*this,TUid::Uid(KSpeechRecognitionUtilityLibraryUidDefine))    //KSpeechRecognitionUtilityLibraryUidDefine can be found in speechrecognitionuids.hrh with some other constants as well.


An alternative speech recognition API CSISpeechRecognitionUtility exists but its not in public SDK.To obtain this API , Nokia API partnering is required.

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