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Archived:Calculating the distance between two locations in Flash Lite

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Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Platform(s): S60 5th Edition
S60 5th Edition
Keywords: Service.Location, location.Calculate()
Created: (26 Jan 2009)
Last edited: tanjaluodes (19 Jan 2010)


This code snippet demonstrates how to calculate the distance between two locations using the Location Platform Service for Flash Lite supported from S60 5th Edition onwards.


// Import Platform Service Interface
// Heading of the application
heading_txt.text = "Calculate Distance";
// Create new Service object which has location data
var location = new Service("Service.Location", "ILocation");
// Define source distance
var sourceDistance = {Longitude:1, Latitude:0.49, Altitude:0.5};
var startPoint:String = new String("Longitude:1, Latitude:0.49, Altitude:0.5");
// Define destination distance
var destinationDistance = {Longitude:1, Latitude:0.5, Altitude:0.5};
var destinationPoint:String =
new String("Longitude:1, Latitude:0.5, Altitude:0.5");
// Define input parameters
var inParams = {
MathRequest:"FindDistance", DistanceParamSource:sourceDistance,
// Define result value
var outParams = location.Calculate(inParams);
// Check if calculate success
if (outParams.ErrorCode == 0) {
var distance = outParams.ReturnValue;
text_txt.text += "Distance: "+distance+"\r\r";
text_txt.text += "from:\r"+startPoint+"\r\r";
text_txt.text += "to:\r"+destinationPoint;
} else {
var errorId = outParam.ErrorCode;
text_txt.text += "Error: "+errorId;


The distance between the source and destination is displayed.

Example application

The following sample application has been tested in Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (S60 5th Edition, Flash Lite 3.0). File:FlashLite Calculating The

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