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Carbide.ui is a family of graphical WYSIWYG tools supporting Customization of mobile devices based on S60 and Series 40 platform. The first product in this family is Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition for Symbian OS.

Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition for Symbian OS is a tool that enables the creation of packages to customize the appearance of the user interface on S60 devices. These packages can then be used by any device user to alter the look and feel of their S60 device.

Carbide.ui has been designed with the creative professional in mind. It allows the S60 UI to be customized with full WYSIWYG layout, without the need for layout defi nition coding or specialized mobile design experience. In addition, Carbide.ui can be integrated with a wide range of creative graphic and audio packages, allowing designers to work with their favorite tools.

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