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Nokia Belle
Created: rebloor (16 Feb 2012)
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This article contains information about the Carbide.ui Nokia Belle plug-in for the Nokia E6



The Carbide.ui Nokia Belle plug-in for the Nokia E6 (E6 Belle) enables the creation of themes for Nokia E6 phones running Nokia Belle.

Version 1.0

Released: February 2012

Theming support

The plug-in provides theming support for the following applications and Screens:

  • Application Grid
  • Alarm
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Call
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Dialer
  • File Manager
  • Mail
  • Music Player
  • Notepad
  • Notes
  • Settings

Known issues

It's not possible to skin the following items:

  • all home screen widgets.
  • Music player buttons such as previous, play, pause, repeat, shuffle, and next.
  • add new event icon in the calendar day view, week view, and month view.
  • battery indicator in the status bar.
  • middle image in slider settings screen, which looks like a sun.
  • mute icon and it's text in the call dialing screen.
  • loudspeaker text in the call dialing screen.
  • the search mono icon, which is present in control pane of application grid.
  • the "Input mode type" icon, which is present in File manager's find screen.
  • the clock mono icon in the Clock's alarm screen.
  • silence and silence disabled graphics present in the Incoming Call screen.
  • All the icons in contacts --> contact card --> options --> defaults (which are not present in the tool).
  • all small icons in all applications.
  • forward, backward, and station list icons in the FM radio application.
  • edit icon in the control pane of the contact card screen.
  • all options button on the left of the recorder application
  • tick icon in the screensaver and call image in theme settings application.
  • speech icon and one touch icon present in phone settings screen.
  • speed dialing number icons/graphics present in Settings --> Calling --> Speed dialing.
  • map application icon in application settings screen.
  • play slide show icon present in control pane of gallery apps.
  • back and pause graphics in Gallery --> play slide show screen.
  • all icons and buttons present in message reader application

It's not possible to skin the following applications:

  • Video editor
  • web
  • store
  • maps
  • ovi music
  • Map loader
  • Nokia recommends
  • Drive
  • Guides
  • photo editor
  • Social
  • Ovi Sync
  • Camera


Thank you all for your thorough support for many years to build this wonderful tool.


If you have any issues with the installation of the plug-in, please contact us at Support.UITools@nokia.com.

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