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Mobile Web Design Patterns
Mobile Web Design Patterns
{{Announcement|link=App Launcher Icon Competition November 2011|timestamp=20111110|title=App Launcher Icon Competition|<br />
{{Announcement|link=App Launcher Icon Competition November 2011|timestamp=20111213|title=App Launcher Icon Competition|'''''<font color &#61;"red">Competition Complete!</font>''''' 
For information about the winning entries see [[App Launcher Icon Competition November 2011]]}}
'''Competition Complete - we'll be selecting a winner this month!'''<br />
We're having a competition between November 14th to 30th to celebrate the launch of Nokia's new icon styles and templates. All you have to do is use our new toolkits to create a compelling new app launcher icon for your Series 40, Symbian, or Nokia N9 app. We're going to be awarding a number of new Nokia N9 mobile devices, which is a pretty cool prize for doing something that every great app has to have anyway!
For more information see [[App Launcher Icon Competition November 2011]]}}

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Mobile Web Design Patterns

Announcements.pngApp Launcher Icon Competition (13 Dec 2011): Competition Complete! For information about the winning entries see App Launcher Icon Competition November 2011

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