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Near Field Communication (NFC) offers exciting opportunities across an ever-widening spectrum of application areas and market sectors. Based on a short-range wireless connectivity technologies NFC makes many tasks easier and more convenient by providing access to systems and services simply with a touch.

An increasing number of Nokia devices include support for NFC. If you're just getting started, you may wish to read the article About Near Field Communication. We provide links to other important resources below.


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Other NFC resources

  • Discuss NFC in the Forum Nokia NFC Discussion Board
  • Find more information on the NFC Forum website
  • Find the NFC Forum Specifications, including NDEF and RTD specifications
  • Get a good overview of NFC technology and some code examples from the NFC J2ME Tutorial. This is a sound starting point for beginners.
  • Read the Nokia NFC White Paper, which provides background on NFC including an explanation of what the technology can achieve, how it works, and where it could be used. The paper highlights Nokia’s role in NFC and the company’s support for its mass adoption as well as outlining how a number of companies, including Nokia, are working together to create the right environment to enable NFC to become a commercial success.
  • Get an overview of NFC technology from the NFC backgrounder
  • Discover NFC Java Code Examples


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