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To support developers creating NFC applications, this category page provides a summary of the NFC technology and related development tools and development technology offered by Nokia.



  • NFC is being introduced to Symbian devices, initially to the Nokia C7-Astound and (through the Symbian Anna firmware update) the Nokia C7-00 device.
  • Initial operating mode support is for read/write and peer-to-peer (partial).
  • Development is undertaken using Qt Mobility, Java ME, and Symbian C++ APIs (with the ability to use Symbian C++ APIs in Qt applications).
  • Development is supported in:
  • For testing, the Carbide.c++, with the Symbian^3 SDK 1.0 and Series 40 NFC SDKs provide tag and reader emulation (with test features planned for a later version of Qt SDK). An NFC enabled device is also essential.
  • Special attention is required to UI design, to allow for NFC not being available on all devices and some devices requiring a firmware upgrade to activate their NFC features.


Near Field Communication, more commonly referred to by its acronym of NFC, is a very short-range radio technology. It enables communication between an NFC reader and NFC tag when they are typically closer than 4cm from one another.

A complete introduction, more details about the technology and its support by Nokia are available in the Introduction to NFC document available (today) from the Forum Nokia website.

Nokia device and platform support for NFC

Nokia originally introduced NFC in the Series 40 Nokia 6212 classic and Nokia 6131 NFC devices. Nokia is introducing the technology to the Nokia C7-00 device (through the forthcoming Symbian Anna firmware update) and Nokia C7-Astound available from T-Mobile USA. Check the Devices section of the Forum Nokia website for a full list of devices with NFC technology and their availability.

NFC modes and use cases

NFC implemented on Symbian devices provides support for the following NFC modes:

  • read/write — a Symbian device can read from or write to a NFC tag (fully supported).
  • peer-to-peer (P2P) — a Symbian device and another NFC device can exchange data (partially supported through Qt Mobility and Symbian C++ APIs only).

Card emulation mode is not supported.

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Other NFC resources

  • Discuss NFC in the Forum Nokia NFC Discussion Board
  • Find more information on the NFC Forum website
  • Find the NFC Forum Specifications, including NDEF and RTD specifications
  • Get a good overview of NFC technology and some code examples from the NFC J2ME Tutorial. This is a sound starting point for beginners.
  • Read the Nokia NFC White Paper, which provides background on NFC including an explanation of what the technology can achieve, how it works, and where it could be used. The paper highlights Nokia’s role in NFC and the company’s support for its mass adoption as well as outlining how a number of companies, including Nokia, are working together to create the right environment to enable NFC to become a commercial success.
  • Get an overview of NFC technology from the NFC backgrounder
  • Discover NFC Java Code Examples


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