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This category contains community articles related to Nokia's Location Platform, a suite of programming interfaces that allow you to develop interactive applications with maps and map-related services at their core. Separate APIs are provided for use in mobile devices and for use in web browsers. Mobile devices should use the mobile APIs as these will access locally stored maps (if present), providing a much better and cheaper user experience. The APIs included in this category are:


Nokia Maps API

A JavaScript API that enables you to present any custom content on top of Nokia Maps within a browser.

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Maps API for Qt

Part of the QtMobility package and provides Qt-based services for map rendering, geocoding, reverse geocoding, positioning, landmark management and routing.

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Maps API for Java ME

The API provides mapping, search and routing functionality and targets devices that support the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) for Java Micro Edition, such as Nokia Series 40 devices.

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The RESTful Map API is a simple RESTful web service that brings static Nokia Map images to any Web-enabled device using the standard HTTP protocol.

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