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{{ListRecentlyCreated|tab=true|count=20|platformfilter=Nokia X}}
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== Announcing the Nokia X Wiki Challenge ==
Following the announcement of the Nokia X Platform, we are kicking off our first official [[Nokia_X_Wiki_Challenge_2014Q1|Nokia X Wiki Challenge]]!
This is a great opportunity for developers to share (and show off!) their knowledge about developing for the Nokia X Platform.  Have you figured out something cool and want to share it with others?  This is your chance. If you're interested in participating, check out the [[Nokia_X_Wiki_Challenge_2014Q1|Challenge page]] for full details.
Developing for Nokia X and looking for resources?  Bookmark this page and get ready for some interesting reading!

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Nokia X is a customized platform built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the software stack upon which some of the most popular smartphones in the world are based. Nokia X lets you leverage your existing Android apps, while taking advantage of Nokia’s optimizations to help you grab more downloads and generate more revenues in targeted markets.

This page contains wiki articles about the Nokia X platform.

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