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= Introduction =
= Introduction =
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Start at [ Ovi Developer - Getting Started]
Start at [ Ovi Developer - Getting Started]
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Welcome to Forum Nokia. Those new to Nokia application development and attracted by the new Ovi app store should find a rich support network of very talented people who have written many definitive article on creating Symbian application. Forum Nokia Wiki is truly global with articles in many languages mostly supported by volunteers.

The Ovi app store will represent the first chance for many developers to showcase and possibly earn some money for their applications. For business policy and "Go To Market" seet the Ovi Overview

The Ovi Support Category

Ovi has been supported for some years with file sharing photo sharing and music services. During the Mobile Conference in Barcelona 2009 the announcement was made of an application outlet to download developers applications.

This category is a new one for Wiki, this will hopefully get new articles to support developers of new projects. The launch will see initially corporate applications published, with individual being able to publish later in 2009.

The Wiki Moderators make the usual statement that both individual developers and corporate developers can enter articles subject to the usual terms of Wiki about Copyright disclosure and rights of ownership.

If you use code from Wiki in commerical products, those which are sold via Ovi, you must respect the user intellectual property rights and communicate that use has been made to the end users in your "about ..." statement.

This Category, page and statement will be subject to change without notice and this area will be under development for the months before the launch of application,app, publishing at currently May 2009.The initial focus will be on articles and code which support the current Ovi Services.

  • Current status - FlashLite launched

Symbian fully Signed applications of C++. FlashLite signed with the online signing and may in future accept Java Verified applications.

See the Ovi overview - News Announcements and other Services

Start at Ovi Developer - Getting Started

We currently have 7 Ovi articles in this Wiki.

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