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This category contains all Nokia Developer Wiki articles that have been tagged with the category Qt (or with sub categories including Qt Quick, Qt Mobility and Qt WebKit). It does not include topics that include Category:Qt C++ UI, as Qt Quick is recommended for mobile device UIs.

Qt is a cross platform technology and Qt applications are compatible with both Symbian and MeeGo/Maemo devices, as well as desktop platforms. If you're new to Qt, you can get started by going to the Qt Home Page and downloading the Qt SDK.

We currently have 740 Qt articles in this Wiki.

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Symbian and MeeGo/N9-specific Articles

Qt is a cross platform development framework, and most code should run unchanged across platforms. The topics below have been tagged with only one platform tag indicating that they are platform dependent.




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Some Basic Qt Information and Important Links

Qt for Mobile (Symbian and Nokia N9):

Qt for MeeGo/N9:


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