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This page presents all the articles in the Nokia Developer Wiki that include the category Qt Quick, which is a sub-category of Qt.

Qt Quick is a UI creation technology designed to enable developers and UI designers to work together to create animated, touch-enabled UIs and applications. While you can fully create and customise your own UI in Qt Quick, many users will want to use Qt Quick Components. The components provide a complete declarative application framework for Qt Quick - making it easy to create applications with the platform look and feel.

Qt Quick consists of:

  • QML: An easy-to-use language based on JavaScript that developers and UI designers can use to describe how a UI looks and behaves – with no C++ knowledge required.
  • Qt Creator: A shared tool for developers and designers in which they can create and work with Qt Quick projects.
  • Qt Declarative: A new Declarative module in the Qt library that provides the engine for building dynamic custom UIs and to extend QML applications with C++.

In addition to the articles here, please see the Qt Quick page on the Qt website.

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