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==Introduction to Series 40==
==Introduction to Series 40==
[ Link]
*[[Series 40|What is Series 40?]]
*[[Series 40|What is Series 40?]]
*[[Series 40: Editions and Feature Packs]]
*[[Series 40: Editions and Feature Packs]]

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Series 40 is Nokia's platform for mass market featurephones. These phones ship in volume and there could be as many as one billion in use today, around the world. For developers, the Series 40 platform offers the ability to create applications using Java technology and Adobe Flash Lite. In addition, all Series 40 devices offer capabilities to browse the web, using one of several browsers. Content also represents an opportunity, such as various media types and the creation of UI themes.

On this page you will find key links to various information about the Series 40 platform, as well as a full list of articles in the Series 40 category .


Introduction to Series 40


The platform page on the Forum Nokia web site is:

Java applications

For more information on Java development, see Java ME.

Flash Lite applications

Using Touch and Type with Flash Lite

For more information on Flash Lite development, see Flash Lite


For more information on website development, see Category:Browsing

Content, media and themes

For more information on theme development, see Category:Themes


Several Series 40 devices include the Nokia Series 40 VoIP client. The client gives SIP-based VoIP service providers the ability to integrate their offerings into the telephony functions of mobile devices from Nokia.

Links to the documentation on the various version of the client can be found in Nokia Series 40 VoIP Client documentation


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