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Web apps are apps that look like "native" apps, but which are based on web programming languages and technologies. This category is for articles that are relevant to all web apps, irrespective of platform. Most topics will actually be in the subcategories described below.

There are 5 main web app development frameworks:

  • Nokia Asha Web Apps - Development framework for writing web apps for Nokia Asha & Series 40.
  • Web Apps on Windows Phone
  • Symbian Web Runtime - Web app development framework for Symbian. While it is still "supported" and remains a popular framework, it is no longer under active development. We recommend you use Qt WebKit where possible.
  • Qt WebKit - a Qt/Qt Quick component that allows you to very flexibly include a browser within your own Qt/QML app. Developers that want to write apps using web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript can do so using only a thin layer of Qt C++ or QML code. Qt WebKit is the recommended "web app" platform for both Symbian and MeeGo
  • HTML5 Web Apps - these are web apps that run entirely within a high performance browser. See the developer library for more information.

In addition, the Mobile Web Templates provide UI components be used within web apps (or mobile sites).


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