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Nokia Lumia is Nokia's main smartphone platform. We currently have more than 500 English Lumia/Windows Phone articles in this Wiki (along with many more in Chinese and other languages).

Lumia-1520-wireless-charging 632.jpgNokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 (13 Nov 2013): Submit articles, tutorials and guides that show how to use the Imaging SDK C++ and C# APIs, or provide insight and guidance on how to best use the increased screen resolution and size on Nokia's larger devices. Winners will be among the first to receive the stunning new Nokia Lumia 1520.
Check out Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 for all the details.

Key article lists

How can you help?

We need innovative, real world and "unique" articles showing:

  • Best practices and tips and tricks for writing great Windows Phone apps.
  • How to use hardware and services that are unique to Nokia Lumia devices
  • Integration with Nokia Windows Phone apps and services (like Nokia Music API, Here Drive, Here Maps etc) if these expose a public developer API

Other article types are welcome, but remember we want articles that are complementary to (and add value over) the existing resource on MSDN/DevCenter.


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