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This category is for articles related to new features in Windows Phone 8. See Portal:Windows Phone for all articles related to Windows Phone 8 (Windows Phone is backward compatible!)

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Announcements.pngWhat's new in Windows Phone 8 (31 Oct 2012): Find out in the comprehensive new article.

Announcements.pngWin a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device (31 Oct 2012): Create an original article, code example, tutorial or guide which showcases the new opportunities for developers in Windows Phone 8 to win a new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device in the Windows Phone 8 Wiki Competition 2012Q4.

This announcement may have expired, and needs to be checked.

Windowsphone symbol clr 56x56.pngWindows Phone SDK 8.0 now available (31 Oct 2012): Get the new WP SDK 8.0 here. You'll need Windows 8 to run it (Pro version in order to use the Emulator).

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