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Code example instructions

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Created: seppo_fn (05 Mar 2008)
Last edited: Vitor Pombeiro (27 Mar 2013)

This article provides instructions and recommendations on how to create code example articles. A Code Example is an article that is accompanied with a downloadable and buildable example project, or which contains all of the code required to easily create one.


Create a page

Create a new article following the instructions in FNWiki:New Page.

Instructions on using features related to code examples are detailed in the following sections.

Apply a template (optional)

Nokia Developer automatically applies a very simple template to your article. You can instead use the Code snippet template for developers which has predefined subheadings - this is not mandatory, but it may help you formulate the article. You can also change the headings to suit your example.

Tip.pngTip: To use Code snippet template for developers you must edit it, and copy it's source text into your new page.

Add correct categories

Add Code Examples category in order to get your example counted. Additionally add relevant technology and application area categories.

Use advanced code syntax display (optional)

You can use code syntax highlighting of your article as described in Help:Code Syntax Highlighting. The highlighting plugin provides markup for all the main development frameworks supported on Nokia Developer wiki (and many more)

Add an attachment (optional)

You should provide the example application or any related file as an attachment. This is typically referenced in the sourcecode and/or installationfile fields in the ArticleMetaData. Normally you'd link to the file using the format "Media:[filename.zip]" since the "Media" prefix downloads the file directly rather than taking you to an intermediate wiki page.

Make sure that the attachment has an unambiguous file name. If you're unsure about packaging, we recommend you wrap it in a ZIP package. To upload an attachment, simply select "Upload File" from the Toolbox sidebar menu, select the local file, and upload.

Please take the time to categorize and append summary information to the upload. Select at least the category Code Example and the technologies that the example addresses.


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