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Code snippet template for developers

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Delete the guidance text written in italics.

Replace the abstract text below with a line or (line or paragraph) describing very briefly what the article delivers
This article defines the standard boilerplate text for a new code example

Update all applicable fields in the ArticleMetaData template according to their documentation. Include information about what signing can be used if this is relevant

Article Metadata
Created: (09 Nov 2009)
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Provide a more detailed description of the purpose of the article. The overview is optional if the detail is fully captured by the Abstract


In complex cases you may need to provide information on the framework needed in order to implement and use the code snippet. For example, a Bluetooth connection must be established in order to use the code snippet "send a file via Bluetooth OBEX". You can refer to an already existing code example.

Note that you wouldn't include the SDK used here if that is obvious from context. You would include SDK information in the ArticleMetaData as this allows users to judge the likely relevance of the article on current SDKs.

Project file (optional)

The following capabilities and libraries are required:


Header file

Not the complete file but relevant code blocks.


Source file

Not the complete file but relevant code blocks.

You do not need to provide complete error handling but it should be commented as TODO for developers.



Explain what the code snippet is expected to do.

Test application and other attachments (optional)

The attachments should be provided with the visible info page (Categories need to be defined, the attached file must be uploaded to Wiki, and internal Wiki links must be used). Every attachment should have its own page (however, a ZIP package can be used for multiple source code files).

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