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Comparing memory management on Symbian and Maemo Platforms

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Althought the latest mobile devices have a huge amount of memory available compared to the earlier devices, it is still important to work with memory carefully. The mobile devices are typically always on. The devices are not regularly rebooted and even a small memory leak will eventually cause problems. Many of the applications run in a mobile device are not stopped when user starts a new application. The previous application still runs in the background.

Whether the application is created with C (the native language for the Maemo Platform) or C++ (the native language for the S60 Platform) the application needs to make sure that it frees all the memory and resources that it allocates.

Every time the application makes a memory or resource allocation it needs to be able to handle an out-of-memory situation.

Comparing S60 and Maemo Platforms

S60 Platform


Memory Management

Two-phase construction

Maemo Platform

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