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Compile and run Qt application for Maemo

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Using Creator in Qt SDK for Maemo,developers can design UI and edit engine of an application with its drag-and-drop graphical designer and auto-complete text editor easily.And the Qt project can be compiled and run via command line in real or virtual Linux system.Certainly, the Integrated Development Environment and Qt SDK for Maemo must be also installed correctly.

The way is:

Open a terminal window from Linux desktop.

maemo@maemo-desktop:~$ cp -r /home/maemo/projects/anApplication/


maemo@maemo-desktop:~$ scratchbox




[sbox-REEMANTLE_X86: ~] > cd workspace/anApplication/

[sbox-REEMANTLE_X86: ~/workspace/anApplication/ ] > qmake -project

[sbox-REEMANTLE_X86: ~/workspace/anApplication/ ] > qmake anApplication.pro

[sbox-REEMANTLE_X86: ~/workspace/anApplication/ ] > make




[sbox-REEMANTLE_X86: ~/workspace/anApplication/ ] >

And open another terminal window,

maemo@maemo-desktop:~$ Xephyr  :2 -host -cursor -screen 800*480*16 -dpi 96 -ac

then a Xephyr window displayed, and back to first window.

[sbox-REEMANTLE_X86: ~/workspace/anApplication/ ] > export DISPLAY=:2

[sbox-REEMANTLE_X86: ~/workspace/anApplication/ ] > ./anApplication




At last,the application compiled will run in the Xephyr window.

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